This Is What You Need To Consider Before Investing In A Device

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An insiders piece of advice from industry experts for new device purchases.

Picture this, a device has just been newly released that business owners cannot stop raving about, and their clients are just as obsessed too. Before you consider making the enquiry for the device to become a part of your business, what must be considered?

SPA+CLINIC spoke with industry leaders Sanja Maria, Sarah Hughes, and Dr Liz Golez who are also guest speakers at the upcoming BEAUTY & SPA Insiders event, where they will be joined by Dr Natasha Cook and Dee Diaz. We asked what their number one piece of advice would be for practitioners on what they should consider before buying a new device, here is what they shared:

Sanja Maria – Founder of Face by SM in Paddington, NSW.

Sanja specialises in the art of non-surgical facial rejuvenation. With over 15 years’ experience, a Bachelor Degree in Nursing, as well as Diplomas in both Beauty Therapy and Special Effects Makeup, Sanja brings a deep understanding of facial anatomy to her work at Face by SM which she opened over 3 years ago, and now has a sister clinic opening end of this year in Mosman.

Sanja: “In addition to the countless hours of research required and weighing the pro’s and con’s of a new device, it’s critical for practitioners to reflect on their individual practice first.

“As a starting point, think about the clinic’s target audience and existing clientele before deciding to invest in a new device. It’s not uncommon for owners in general to be overwhelmed by the latest and greatest devices. Take a step back and ask yourself questions like: 

  • Who is my target audience and what is their primary concern?
  • Will this device meet the desired treatment goals of my current client base?
  • Will this device give more optimal results than what is currently on offer in the clinic?

Having the right equipment and providing the services that puts clients front of mind will have a larger return on investment in the long run. Once this has been assessed, the next step would be to seek all options of reputable devices and work within a realistic budget for your business.”

Sarah Hughes – Mediclinic Training Manager at The International Dermal Institute.

Sarah has been a therapist for over 25 years with her area of expertise lying in skin science and skin health, this being the catalyst that led her to gain her associate degree as a Dermal Therapist. Sarah has explored many ranges of the industry including cruise ship spa management, training and education alongside business management inside her own clinic. Now, Sarah is currently the Mediclinic Training Manager for The International Dermal Institute at Dermalogica Australia.

business, we are and should always be aware of our competitors and what they are doing. It’s good to be across both treatment offerings and points of difference. One of these differences is the device technologies available within different clinics. It can be really tempting to purchase every device you can and be across all technologies to feel as if you are ahead of the competition. This can become extremely costly, and often, these devices are left unused and gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere.

Before purchasing a device, consider what your business mission is and the type of client you want to attract. From there you can begin to assess the type of device or devices that would most benefit your business and invest wisely. Begin small with 1 or 2 key pieces of equipment, ensure the team are fully trained and competent and then keep an eye and ear open for anything else your clients are asking for.”

Dr Liz Golez – GP Obstetrician & Founder of Lift Aesthetics Sydney.

Dr Golez has operated as a Women’s Health and Wellness Doctor for more than 20 years, and was an OB/GYN Specialist in the Philippines before coming to Australia to further her training in 2009. After practising as a GP Obstetrician in the Southern NSW Local Health District Hospitals for several years, Dr Liz Golez is now practicing Holistic Medicine and Anti-Ageing with a special focus on Gynaecology.  

Dr Liz is the founder of Lift Aesthetics Sydney (A Cosmetic Gynaecology Clinic that accepts Cosmetic Gynae appointments at The Manse in Paddington, Babyface at North Ryde, Optimal Health Rhodes and a soon to open main clinic in Bondi Junction).

Dr Golez: “I suggest to go for the machine with the newest technology that provides treatments that are safe with great results.

Price is never an issue, since you could get the cost back quickly if the treatments work, and the safety profile is great. Patients surely come back to get more treatments when they see results, and they are even happy to pay more.”


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  • Dr Liz Golez, Founder Lift Aesthetics Sydney
  • Sarah Hughes, Mediclinic Training Manager, The International Dermal Institute
  • Sanja Maria, Founder Face by SM
  • Dee Diaz, Founder BodyWRL
  • Dr Natasha Cook, Cosmetic and Laser Dermatologist, Founder Darlinghurst Dermatology

This article was originally posted on SPA+CLINIC.

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