Mole & Skin Tags Removal

Mole & Skin Tags Removal

At Lift Aesthetics Sydney, we use Surgitron Radiofrequency by Cynosure to remove elevated benign skin lesions. We want you to get a clear skin check before we go ahead with the procedure.

We start numbing the area with local injectable anesthesia. Instead of cutting off the lesion with a knife that could potentially leave a big scar, our Surgitron Radiofrequency machine is used to remove the lesion and avoid scarring. There is generally no bleeding because the machine clamps off blood vessels along the way.

Healing initially starts with scab formation. The scab falls off by itself after 1-2 weeks. It should be clear by two weeks.

Post-procedure care

After the mole removal, there will be a superficial red area of skin which looks like a superficial graze . There should not be bleeding at all. No sutures, or dressing. The area heals after the scabs fall off in 1-2 weeks, almost always without any scarring

How to avoid scarring with all 3 procedures

  • Avoid infection
  • Do not scratch off the scab/ wait for it to fall off
  • Apply Stratacel ®️gel until it is dry.

This treatment is for the removal of benign elevated moles only.  Other lesions like skin tags, sebborheic keratosis, spider veins etc can also be treated. Should there be any concerns of a suspicious mole, excision of the mole to be sent for biopsy should be done in a Skin Cancer Clinic.  Our cosmetic physician can refer for a Specialist assessment then.

This treatment produces great cosmetic results, almost scarless most of the time. It is recommended for the face, neck, décolletage and other exposed areas.

Major advantage of using Surgitron RF is its targeted and precise treatment of affected area only. There is minimal to no involvement of surrounding healthy skin.  It is superior to both laser and plastic surgery/cutting in providing best possible cosmetic result. 

Surgitron Radiofreq vs Laser:

Laser is less effective on raised or lumpy moles as it cannot penetrate to the base of a raised mole. It might also affect and damage surrounding normal skin.

Surgitron RF vs Cutting or Excision:

More chance of scarring with cutting excision, larger than the mole itself most of the time.

We inject local anaesthetic, around your skin lesion for numbing at the start. This stinging injection of the anaesthetic should be the most painful part. After a few minutes, we check for adequate numbing before we remove the mole. The procedure itself should not be painful.

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