Morpheus 8

Morpheus 8 & 8 V

Morpheus 8 is a Microneedling device that utilises Radiofrequency to remodel and contour the face and body via subdermal adipose remodeling. This ablative fractional treatment penetrates deep into the skin and targets fat to contract and dissolve. This achieves a smoother and sleeker appearance on the skin. This treatment is great for skin rejuvenation, contouring, cellulites, stretch marks, scars, hyperhidrosis and skin laxity of the stomach or knees.

Treatment Areas

Morpheus 8

Any areas that can benefit from skin renewal.
Lower and upper eyelid, smile lines,
forehead, cheeks. Virtually any areas that exhibit wrinkles, discoloration or acne scars.

Morpheus 8 V

Intravaginal and outside the vagina (intimate areas) using a special intravaginal handpick

It is recommended to have a Morpheus 8 treatment once a month as it takes 4 weeks to make new collagen. Depending on your concern, a series of 3 treatments minimum is required to achieve the best results. 

It takes 4 weeks to form new collagen and elastin.  During the first 4 weeks post treatment, the skin will be remodelling deep into the subcutaneous layer of the tissue and will continue to make changes for up to 3 months. Once the remodelling has occurred, you may opt for a 2nd treatment to further your improvement. However, even though morpheus 8 can help improve  the skin's condition, we are still moving forward in the ageing process but it does give you a new starting point and it can help prevent certain skin conditions from forming again and it can also slow down the ageing process. 

Lift Aesthetics will work with you to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during your treatment. We use prescription grade numbing cream and offer "Happy Gas" to assist with any anxiety or discomfort you may feel during treatment.

By adjusting the depth of the needles, the practitioner can use the Morpheus 8 to come up with a customized treatment for your specific concern. It can be modified to address certain skin conditions such as stretch marks, deep wrinkles, skin laxity, crows feet, periorbital edema, smoker's line, crepey skin, jowls and pore size. As our skin ages, the Fibroseptal Network starts to deteriorate and we start to develop jowls, double chin, wrinkles and the skin on the neck starts to become either thick  or crepey/turkey like in appearance. Morpheus 8 can be used to help all these problematic skin conditions and help you regain a more youthful appearance. 

Generally every 12-18 months. 

You can expect swelling, redness and possible spot bruising as it is causing a controlled injury to get your collagen and elastin jump started. This can last for 3-5 days. For the first 3 days, you will be instructed on what products to apply to the treated area. After 3 days, you can apply sunscreen and mineral make - up. Day 4-5 your skin may or may not flake and after Day 5-7, your skin will start to go back to usual. Some patients forms crusts on their skin, especially on the neck, where healing is slow. Allow them to fall off on their own.  On this instance, we advise patients to hydrate their skin with certain products for better healing. 

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