Pure PRP®️ II by EmCyte is NOT your ordinary small tube PRP by Dr. Liz Golez

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Hello and welcome to Lift Aesthetics Sydney! My name is Dr Elizabeth (Liz) Golez @drlizgolez, and I’m so grateful you’ve chosen Lift Aesthetics Sydney to partner in your skin health journey!

Come and meet me at my brand-new clinic in Sydney’s Bondi Junction, where my caring team and I can help you on your journey towards wellness, and a flawless finish.

Pure PRP®️ is the secret. #emcyte_prp

New technology - ensuring you get pure and higher cell count from your blood drawn same day.

What is PRP?

Platelet rich plasma is the liquid gold (plasma) part of your blood consisting of platelets and GROWTH FACTORS.

High volumes can mean activation of more platelet growth factors and cytokines for anti-ageing and tissue repair. Not just for inflammation and injury but for maintenance due to cell proliferation, chemotaxis, differentiation, and angiogenesis.

In this particular system (Pure PRP®️ II by EmCyte), the amount of deliverable platelets are clinically significant if you are to attain active tissue repair.  It is important that your deliverable platelet count be more than 1 million platelets per microfiber.

#EmCyte Pure PRP®️ II

• 1.4 million platelets per microlitre9.5 billion platelets in a 7 ml treatment (achievable in 1 session)
• Using your own blood, a simple blood drawn, treatment is done in 30-45 minutes.
• Minimally invasive, tolerable, minimal downtime to none at all, no risk of allergy since it is your own plasma (liquid gold).  

    It is as natural as you can get! 

    Use the best technology to retrieve the highest count of growth cells, platelets, myocytes from your own blood, use is for over-all rejuvenation!

    • Face rejuvenation
    • O-shot®️  (or Orgasm-shot) 🌸
    • Hair repair/ restoration
    • Joint issues/ Osteoarthritis

    By Dr. Liz Golez

    Book a consultation to discuss servicing your skin with Pure PRP at Lift Aesthetics Sydney.

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